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How to prevent and treat fiter bags wear of bag dust collector?

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How to prevent and treat fiter bags wear of bag dust collector?


Generally speaking, the fiter bags used in bag dust collectors will be worn over time. The fiter bags is an important component of the bag dust collector. If the fiter bags fails, the entire bag dust collector will be unable to operate normally. It can be seen from this that the wear and tear of fiter bags brings great harm to dust removal equipment.

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fiter bags

The causes of dust bag wear are mainly related to the design, application, manufacturing, installation, quality, etc. of the bag dust collector. Once the fiter bags has a small wear hole, starting from this wear hole, it will gradually cause greater damage to the dust bag.

How do we prevent and deal with bag wear in bag dust collectors?

First of all, we must strengthen the inspection and testing during the operation of the bag dust collector, strive to achieve early detection and early resolution, and make up for the small wear and tear of the dust bag in time to avoid causing the dust bag to wear more serious. When inspectors find that individual dust bags are damaged in a small area, they can use old bags or dust bags of the same material to patch the damaged holes before using them again.

But when most of the dust bags are damaged, and the damage is severe, all fiter bags should be replaced. Note: Even if the fiter bags is not damaged at this time, all fiter bags must be replaced, because after long-term use, the fine dust accumulated in the filter material layer reduces the air permeability of the fiter bags, so even if the fiter bags are not completely damaged at this time, All should be replaced as well.

It is best to replace the fiter bags when the bag dust collector is not working.Before installing a new dust bag, clean the dust on the flower plate holes and then install a new bag.

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