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China Sunrise Machinery (CSM)is designated as OEM for Lafarge and also maintain long-term cooperation with SINOMA. Main product of our textile division are industrial filter bags,Air Slide Fabrics,Needle Punched Felt,Bulk Loading Bellow,Cement Bulk Bag and so on.They have been directly or indirectly used in hundreds of cement production lines worldwide. China Sunrise Machinery(CSM) is also the leader of cement auxiliary machinery industry in CHINA.


  • Cement Plant Bulk Loading Bellow

    Cement Plant Bulk Loading Bellow

  • Needle punched felts

    Needle punched felts

  • baghouse bags

    baghouse bags

  • Cement Bulk Bag

    Cement Bulk Bag

  • air slide fabrics

    air slide fabrics

airslide fabric

What is
Bulk Bag?

Flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), also known as big bags, bulk bags, bulk sacks, bulka bag, jumbo bag or bulker bag. were first manufactured in the late 1950s or early 1960s, BIG BAGS are the most popular form of bulk goods packaging in the market.

You can lift, store and transport almost all flowable products in our FIBC bulk bags, such as grains, fertiliser, solid chemicals, sands and granules of plastic. We supply high quality bulk bags which are strong, robust and reliable. All bags are made of UV treated flexible woven polypropylene fabric.

types of
Bulk Bag

Sunrise Machinery (CSM) excels at making four loop FIBCs (bulk bags/jumbo bags). In most cases, these bags are custom-made. We supply FIBCs made of tubular and flat woven fabric with standard loops, cross-corner loops or tunnel lifting systems.Click here to download the product description


The Bulk Bags (FIBC BAGS) are commonly used for dry flowable products such as, but not limited to grains, seeds, salts, powdered coatings, sands, clays, cements, ferro alloys and resins. They are frequently used in the food, pharmaceutical, agricultural and chemical industries.


  • 4-panel Polypropylene Bulk Bags

    4-panel Polypropylene Bulk Bags

  • Foldable Jumbo Plastic Bag

    Foldable Jumbo Plastic Bag

  • Container liner bulk bags

    Container liner bulk bags

  • U-panel construction open top bag

    U-panel construction open top bag

  • U-panel anti static bulk bags for cement

    U-panel anti static bulk bags for cement

  • Cement Bulk Bag

    Cement Bulk Bag


The types and kinds of BIG BAGS (FIBC BAGS) offered by CSM are always adapted to the customer’s individual needs.

In the BIG BAG (FIBC BAG) design and production we first of all take into account the purpose for which the containers are intended (type of goods to be packed), procedures and conditions of packing, transport, storage and unloading of goods.

  • guaranteed convenient and fast loading and unloading of large volumes of goods by means of mechanized equipment
  • safe transport of goods, both food products (protection against any foreign substance ingress into the bag) and chemical substances (protection against sifting of any dangerous chemical out of the bag)
  • fast and efficient distribution
  • economic benefits due to saving transport costs and storage space (BIG BAGS (FIBC BAGS) can be stacked in several layers)
  • BIG BAGS (FIBC BAGS) are reusable (SF 6:1 safety factor)
  • fully recyclable

Specific parameters please click here .

airslide canvas

Bulk Bag

BIG BAGS (FIBC BAGS) are commonly used for dry flowable products, They are frequently used in the food, pharmaceutical, agricultural and chemical industries.

At Sunrise Mchinery, we have all of your standard bulk bag styles, such as U-Panel, Circular, and Baffle bags. But we also manufacture innovative bulk bag styles that can save your company money.

AGRICULTURE:To store or transport grain, seeds, fertilizers and livestock feed, we have various types of bulk bags, including top and bottom spouts, trunk tops, laminates, and waterproof and moisture resistant linings.

MINING :Bulk bags are used to transport and export dangerous goods and dangerous goods. Bulk bags are used to cover and align FIBCs for non-hazardous products to fill in the finest mineral particles. It also ensures moisture protection.

CONSTRUCTION :Ur bulk bags are widely used for transportation, lifting and storage of sand, soil, cement, concrete mixtures, concrete dust, pebbles and rocks. It is easy to ship your product in bulk bags. Super 4 loop is suitable for helicopter and crane hoisting.

TRANSPORT :Transport bulk bags that are loaded are easily placed on the tray or lifted from the reinforcement ring. Filled bulk bags can be transported by trailers or trucks. You can put your product in a bulk bag and put it in a container. The FIBCS makes it easy to transport bulk materials.

AGGREGATE: Our tons of bulk bags are suitable for transporting or lifting aggregates. It has 4 powerful cycles lifted by a forklift, Hiab or a crane. The bags have duffle / skirting cover with a tie rope attached to it.

filter bags

Stuff Works

BIG BAGS are made of polypropylene fabrics of different basis weights and strength parameters, with UV-stabilization:

  • coated – laminated with polyethylene, which protects the product against moisture and dust ingress from outside
  • uncoated – with breathing properties

In the standard version BIG BAGS (FIBC BAGS) are made of a white fabric but they may also be manufactured in other colours at the customer's request.

Formstable BIG BAGS (Q-BAGS) The construction of the formstable BIG BAG (also called Q-BAG) ensures that the FIBC retains its cuboid shape after filling. Retaining a right-angled shape enables effective utilization of storage and transport space.

airslide fabrics case

Successful Case

Additional details will be required for the filling and discharging environment, but here are a few product details that are needed to help ensure you get a FIBC that will meet the basic requirements of your product.

  • Product bulk density (lbs. per cubic foot or kg per cubic meter)
  • Safe working load (SWL) / Net fill weight needed per BIG BAGS (FIBC BAGS)
  • Is the product a hazardous material / dangerous good
  • Does the BULK BAGS (FIBC BAGS) need to meet food safety requirements
  • Does the BULK BAGS (FIBC BAGS) need to meet pharmaceutical industry requirements
  • Product mesh size
  • Moisture percentage
  • Special barrier needs (i.e. hydroscopic?)
  • Product characteristics (free flowing, bridging, static build up)
  • Filling temperature

FIBC Bulk bags have proven to be effective for storing and transporting a variety of products and materials and have also gained a reputation for being a versatile bulk packaging option. One customizable feature of flexible intermediate bulk containers that make them a versatile bulk packaging solution is the Top loop construction. With multiple loop construction options, FIBC Bulk bags can be customized to fit your specific application and operation.

  • Lifting loops: BULK BAGS (FIBC BAGS) are manufactured with one, two and four lifting loops.
  • Top Constructions: BULK BAGS are used to pack a wide range of goods. For maximum efficiency of bag filling, various solutions are used for the bag top construction: filling spout, open top, filling spout with top flap, duffle top/top skirt and conical top.
  • Bottom Constructions: BULK BAGS (FIBC BAGS) are used to pack a wide range of goods. For maximum efficiency of bag emptying, various solutions are used for the bag bottom construction: plain bottom, discharge spout, rosetta closure, star closure, spout with flap, emptying skirt.
  • BULK BAG (FIBC BAGS) with a liner: BULK BAGS may be additionally provided with a polyethylene (LDPE) multi-layer laminate liner (sewn or glued in) to allow safe storage of highly hygroscopic goods.
  • Sealed stitches: BIG BAG (FIBC BAG) stitches may be additionally sealed (in containers intended for the storage of dusty materials).

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